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  1. Complete B School Application

    This is the best choices. We take complete responsibility for the entire applications and advice you on all facets of application, including preparation of base write-ups and B School Selection.

    The application is customized for each student and we do not send a fixed template to our students.

    We cover following aspects of the application:
  2. Services on one of above aspects / combination of more than one service.
We place a high premium on bonafide and genuine essays. For the same topic, each student conveys his/her thought in a different manner. In a sense, these essays convey your personality to the reviewers. We do not want to change your basic style, and would like to retain the unique flavor of your essays. When you write your own essays, the outcome is attuned to your unique experience.

Our team will be involved in giving you better ideas to improve your write-ups. Our team will review, edit and give specific advice & directions. You are free to disagree with our suggestions. Idea is to improve the essays.

So our job will involve more than grammatical or usage related corrections.

This will be an iterative procedure and we will continue unless the essay takes a shape that satisfies you and our team. Unless our team is satisfied, we will go on recommending changes. Therefore you have to be prepared to work very hard.

Essay review and editing is done by Industry experts. Our team involves people having more than 15 years of experience in various industrial sectors including IT, Consulting, Energy, Real Estate etc. Depending on your background, a suitable team member will be assigned to each student. In addition students are specifically advised on the following issues: Our Process – Key Points When you have associated with our team, it means that we are there to guide you on all facets of your application. You are absolutely free to call us at any time; at any hour.

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