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Pedigree matters. This is an all IIM alumni venture.

We are IIM alumni who understand what it takes to become an MBA. Each of us has more than 15 years of Industry Experience in varied sectors such as Manufacturing, Energy, IT, Real Estate and Consultancy.

Our combined experience is complemented with a innate understanding of the intricacies of the admission process and other important aspects of college such as:

The IIM experience brought us in contact with an immensely talented and focused peer group. However, our industrial experience showed that for every focused individual that made it to the Ivy league College, there were at least three extremely talented individuals who could not break into the Ivy league because of their inability to highlight their uniqueness in applications.

We were always clear that finally the admission process is only a means to identify talented students. The final aim is to identify and nurture future business leaders. We therefore strongly believe that a means should not become bigger than the end. A gifted student should not be deprived of studying with an equally talented peer group, just because he is not able to highlight his achievements.

Hence, our aim at BSM is to identify and assist talented, committed and hard-working student with their application process.

We have assisted around 20 students in last one year. Our conversion rate speaks volumes about our efforts. List of our students (with final admits in parenthesis)are: Jyotsna Khanduja:(Carlson); Monal Hasti: (Boston College); Apurva Mahendra: (CUHK, China); Srinivas Maddi: (IIM Bangalore); Devi Prasad: (IIM Ahmedabad); Niharika Jain: (ISB); Akanksha Tandon: (ISB); Smiti Mukherjee: (ISB). In addition following students got interview calls from ISB: Adheip Dev and Gurbinder Singh

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